During the summer vacation, I came to Qianjiang. That day, when Grandpa said he was going fishing, I jumped up excitedly and said, “I’m going!”


Grandpa carried his very “special” fishing rod, which he had used for decades. With bait and earthworms, I also took my fishing rod – a slender bamboo rod, and we set out happily.


After a ten minute journey, we arrived at our destination. Grandpa began to throw bait into the water, which was a “magic weapon” to lure fish! Then grandpa hung earthworms on the hook, and I followed his example. After wearing them for a long time, I finally threw the hook into the water.


Grandpa taught me not to learn “kitten fishing”. I should calm down and stare at the fish float without blinking. If it moves up and down, it indicates that there are fish greedy. I must pay attention to the observation. As soon as the fish float rushes up a little or disappears downward, I will pull the fishing rod immediately.


At this time, Grandpa suddenly pulled up the fishing rod, and I looked up, wow! Good guy, such a big fish is more than half a kilo. But look at my buoy. There’s nothing moving at all.


I waited patiently for ten minutes, and finally, Shh… Haha! I’m so happy to catch a small fish. This is my first fishing! After a whole morning, Grandpa and I have gained a lot!


On the way home, I thought as I walked: I’m so happy today. I can have a beautiful fish soup when I go back!


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