The Person I Admire the Most 我最敬佩的人

Nowadays, many teenagers are crazy about the young idols, and they support their idols by all their hearts. They are attracted by the beautiful faces, the dance and singing skills. But for me, the person I admire the most is my father. He is always the hero in my heart.

My father is a typical father, who is not talking much, but the things he does for me will never less. My father never misses the important moment for me. When school needs parents to present at the meeting, no matter how busy he is, my father will always one of the members. When other students are complaining about their fathers, I feel so lucky to get enough care from him.

My father has the strong personality, which influences me greatly. He will never be late for work. Sometimes when I don’t want to finish my homework and just want to play, he will talk to me, showing me that I should finish my own job first. Thanks to him, I keep the good habit of study.

My father is a great person for me, who sets the good example and influences me all the time.


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