Murray Won the Wimbledon Championship Again 穆雷第二次赢得温网

Tennis is the world’s third sport, it ranks after football and basketball. Every year, a lot of audience keeps their eyes on the four grand slam championships. It is known to all that Wimbledon has the oldest history and the tennis players treat it as the greatest honor to win it. This year, the local player Murray won it again.

The famous male tennis players are Big 4. They almost won all the important championships during the last ten years. But Murray was in the awkward situation though he was one of the Big 4, he never won the grand slam, what’s more, people in England put so much hope on him to win Wimbledon Championship. When Murray made it he cried out and felt relieved.

When the second time he won, he cried out again though he did not have so much pressure as before. The fans knew that he had a hard time after his first great honor, people started to qustioned about his ability. But he proved himself again.

Every player has his honor hour and the bad time, the more important is to never give up, then honor will come again.


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