Different Means of Travelling 旅游方式

It’s so convenient and interesting to join a tourist group. When you travel with a tourist group, you don’t need to book plane and train tickets, and you don’t have to care about where to live and what to eat either, because the travel agency will arrange everything for you. All you need to do is to follow the tour guides. They will take you to all the places of interest. They will tell you stories about the interesting places and help you to learn local culture. This is called a package tour.

A cruise trip is so comfortable and relaxing. You travel on a large sea cruiser and enjoy the beautiful scenery. When you come up to a nice place, you can get off the cruiser and visit there. When you are on board, you can lie on the deck, watching the blue sky, the white cloud and the bright sun, and you will be free from stress. Besides, there are so many nice activities on the cruise. For example, you can watch movies; you can see concerts; you can go swimming in the swimming pool; you can play cards; you can play golf; you can watch wonderful performances; and you can also attend dancing parties. Nothing could be more wonderful and relaxing.

Nowadays, backpacking tour has become so popular. It’s not just a low-cost travel for budget travelers, but also a nice entertainment. When you have a backpacking tour, you can use public transportations like buses and subways and stay in hostels instead of big hotels, which can save you a lot of money. Today, this kind of travel is especially popular with young people, because they can discover the interesting places and know more about the local cultures by themselves. It’s so exciting.

If you want to have a better understanding of a place, you can have a slow travel. When you have a slow travel, you had better spend at least one week living in one place, stay with a local family and visit interesting sites near your living instead of rushing around for a long day to see the must-sees. In this way, you can make more local friends, taste local food, and know the local traditions and customs deeper. Only so can you become more knowledgeable and widen your experience.

It depends on your need to choose the way you want to travel.



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