Write Down Things 记事

My mother always complains about life is expensive, because every day she needs to pay all kinds of bills. But I just take it as nothing serious, because she complains other things as well. Since I went to college and move out, I started to wonder about the money I spend, so I decided to write down the things happened in a week.

I took a note in my handbag. So when I purchase, I would kept the bill in this small note. In the first day, I always forgot to record, but I still struggled to think about it before I slept. Soon I kept it as my habit. Finally, when seven days passed, I started to check my bills.

Every day I didn’t spend much money. The food I ate and the things I bought were not expensive, but when I got the total number, I was shocked. It was much over my expectation. Suddenly I realized my mother’s babbling. Life was really expensive, especially for the one who asked parents for money. I am so thankful for the things I have and grateful to my parents.


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