The opinion of using WeChat(使用微信之利弊)
导读: 近几年的中考英语作文题目不生活实际紧密联系, 幵关注社会焦点、 热点问题, 体现
人文关怀。 所设计的情景密切联系现实生活, 写作题材源于生活, 使学生有话可说, 有利于
写出真情实感, 也有利主动性、 创造性地发挥。
上周, 你们班丼行了一场“初中生使用微信的利不弊” 的主题班会, 同学们各抒己见。
班长针对同学们的丌同意见, 做了以下记录。 请你根据表格的内容, 以“The opinion of
using WeChat” 为题写一篇英语短文, 说明使用微信的利弊幵谈谈自己的看法。 丌少于 80
Last week, we had a discussion about using WeChat. Here are the results.
Some students think WeChat(微信) is a very useful tool. It can provide a
platform (平台)to communicate with their friends. Besides, they can make more
friends and learn more knowledge by WeChat. However, some students think
WeChat will affect (影响) their study if they spend too much time using it. And they
may be tricked (欺骗) by strange net friends. Last but not least, it will also affect
their eyesight to use WeChat for a long time .
In my opinion, we shouldn’ t use WeChat for too long and make sure that
don’ t use it when we are studying. In addition(另外), we shouldn’ t add strangers
casually (随便)or meet net friends without our parents’ permission.



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